The Tech Bubble, the Financial Crises and the Coronavirus have shown that not all risk is well-managed in traditional portfolios.
As an alternative, we offer Dynamic Market Portfolios (DMP) using behavioral finance insights and algorithms to capture the upside of markets while systematically managing the downside.



For Fixed Income Investors

Targeting high yield returns with investment grade risk.


Stable Return

For Conservative 


Targeting 6-7% return with active risk management and drawdown control.



For Growth


Participating in equity market upside avoiding bear market drawdowns.

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Our investment solutions can be implemented via white label fund and white label mandate solutions, as well as tailored advisory and discretionary mandates.

For Fixed Income Investors Targeting 4-6% with less than 10% drawdown, delivered in 2020

White Label Funds 

We offer investment strategies for white label funds tailored to your client base and offering. These can be delivered as a new fund set-up or as a conversion of an existing fund to an Eye Performance strategy.

White Label Mandates

We offer our investment concepts as discretionary or advisory white label mandates tailored to your client base. Portfolio position weights on asset class and instrument level are delivered directly to our clients' screens via our cloud based software.

Traditional Mandates

We offer tailored advisory and discretionary mandates from our Swiss-based asset management company.

Investing in our future

The interest in social impact investing and ESG is growing rapidly due to strong tailwinds from young millennial investors. Our involvement in this space goes back to 2014 when Mads Pedersen co-authored the „Allocating for impact“ subject paper of the Social Impact Investment Taskforce established under the UK`s presidency of the G8. All of our investment concepts can be expressed in fully ESG compliant strategies.